NYC second-hand clothing stores?

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  1. A friend and I will be hitting NYC early May and are hoping to find some awesome consignment or 2nd hand clothing stores.

    Do any of you NYC ladies have any hot-spots you can tell me about?

    We are trying to map out our day now, since we will only be there for 1 day - :sad: - I already have Dior and Balenciaga on my map - we will definitely some affordable, chic, shopping therapy after leaving the boutiques!!!

    Thanks ladies for any ideas you can share!!
  2. Oh, what is Fillene's basement?

    And, is Barney's worth it - isn't there some big dept store with floors and floors of clearance stuff?? What is the name of that store...:push: :push:
  3. Ina - fab consignment shop - pearl river mart pm or email me i cna give you tons.
  4. Oh there are wonderul second hand stores there. La reina is one. Century 21 is always great. Do a search on google and you should find many
  5. I don't even know if its still there but when I lived on the Upper East Side a few years ago, there was a place called Once Upon a Time on 92nd between 3rd and Lex (I think it was semi hidden with a basement-like entrance on the south side of the street) that handled mainly designer consignment pieces. You could find some real vintage steals there.
  6. Thanks ladies - I did do a google search and started to cut and paste a bunch of shops I want to hit.

    We will have our portable navi unit with us to help us get can't wait - I love NYC and haven't been there in over 10 years!! I am very excited to hit the streets I don't know what will hurt worse, my wallet from shopping or my stomach from eating as much NY Pizza as I can get my hands on. :p
  7. One of the best places to get great deals on the really fabulous vintage stuff is in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn...about 20 minutes by train from a market called Artists and Fleas!! This market is held Sat and Sun from noon to 7pm...and the 'hood has INCREDIBLE restaurants, cool shops, funky's a real throwback from the old City as it used to be... Go to and you can get exact location, etc.

    In the city, in order to pay really high rents, the vintage stores seem to have gone way beyond the glass ceiling price wise...I understand their plight, since NYC is sadly being taken over by corporate shopping, so the little old vintage shops have to charge way too much per item, just to pay $10,000/month in rent...I'm NOT kidding.:sad:

    If you want to stay in the city, I've heard that Amsterdam Ave., uptown-ish is quite impressive...but my friend who went there spent $275 on one:wtf: dress...vintage Pucci, but still...GEESH!
  8. if you decide to come into williamsburg... there are a lot of vintage/ thrift stores. some of them are better than others but there are a ton.

    rabbits in south wiliamsburg is very small but has cute designer goods.
    beacons closet is huge and a dig through.
    amarcord has the cutest stuff.
    and then there are still more like vice versa, atlantis's basement, buffalo exchange, adele twig (CUTE!).

    in the city, hands down screaming mimis is my favorite.

    have fun!!!
  9. This is the list I amassed based on my google searching:

    Canal Jean Co
    Century 21
    La Boutique Resale
    Screaming MiMi's
    Spence-Chapin Thrift
    Transfer Intl

    What do you ladies think of this list?

    We are kind of basing our day on Dior and Balenciaga since those are the 2 Boutiques that we promised we would hit just for the heck of it.

    After that we will see what is closest to where we are and go from there.
  10. I must chime in..the absolute best upscale/designer consignment shop in NYC is Michaels...they have separate Chanel and Hermes sections and everything they have is of amazing quality and in great condition. They are very picky about what they will accept. They are on Madison Ave. btw. 79/80th. on the second floor...not far from the Met if you plan on enjoying a little art while you are here. There are a few other consignment shops near Michaels but they really just don't compare. Good luck and have fun...
  11. Canal Jean Co- closed down, not vintage anyway.
    Century 21- some people love it here... it's hit or miss(like a tj max or nordstorm rack)
    Gabay's- good one a ton of shoes.
    Encore- wonderful place... completely out of my price range but they have a lot of pretty much brand new designer stuff
    INA- by appointment only
    La Boutique Resale- never heard of?
    Screaming MiMi's- funky, cute, cool designer shoes
    Spence-Chapin Thrift- never heard of?
    Transfer Intl-never heard of?
    Yu- i know of a store like this- but its not vintage.
    Rags-a-GoGo- cheap-o lots of tshirt. i never find anything really good here.
  12. WOW - thanks so much!! :nuts:
  13. Shoot, there's one around union square.. i have to get the name of it, right by the altman building.. on West 18th between 7th and 6th.
  14. Also w/ century 21, it opens at 7:45 AM... i really suggest getting there as early as you can because it's a constant madhouse!!!!