NYC Sample Sale!

  1. OMG WHY DO I HAVE FINALS NEXT WEEK!!! I have TWO final exams on friday, my last one being from 4-7pm!!! I will DEF be there saturday or sunday!
  2. what day will they be raffling off the gift cards? and is their a list of styles we can expect to see? im trying to decide if i want a bianca, uma or trigger...
  3. RP I love all three! :love:
  4. i think you have to be invited :hrmm: ... i wish i was invited :push:

    but please, whoever does go, report back :biggrin:
  5. I can't wait for this, so counting the days!! I wish we could for to F&F night =)
  6. I'll be going on Wednesday, expect a post on PurseBlog soon afterwards with photos and pricing information!

    PM me or write on this thread if there's anything you're dying to know (items in stock, prices, etc...) and I'll do my best to answer them :smile:
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    I'm a fan of Botkier on FB. They posted something on there saying to RSVP on FB to the F&F event. I think that's all the invitation you need.
  8. ^ yup yup i saw that and their tweet! i RSVP'd quickly! :p
  9. i have final exams this week but im seriously goin to try and go to this sale..
  10. Same here!!!!
  11. Y'all post pics if you can!!!!
  12. Get an additional 15% off at F&F night when you mention Daily Candy. Not sure if it's stackable with the "Mom & You" 10% off.
  13. if this is stackable ... :shocked::faint:
  14. I am interested in one of the Venice bags, either the hobo or satchel, in ocean blue. I wonder if they will be there at the sample sale.

    Can't wait to hear from TPFers who go to the F&F tonight!
  15. In case anyone was wondering, I emailed Tanya @ Botkier -- they are NOT stackable. :sad: