NYC Sample Sale

  1. /Users/Susan/Desktop/BosneAssoc_102407_L.jpgHermes, Chanel, Emilio Pucci, & More - Up To 75% Off

    You are invited to the private stock and sample sale for Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, and Emilio Pucci. Shop merchandise up to 75% off, offered exclusively by Boutique on 57. Find gowns, suits, tops, bottoms, cocktail dresses, and separates.
    Gowns now $750, orig. $5,000
    Suits now $650, orig. $3,500
    Tops now $250, orig. $750
    In addition find designer handbags, accessories, and jewelry up to 75% off retail. Sizes 2-10 are available.

    Event Begins: 9/26/2007
    Event Ends: 9/27/2007
    Event Times: Wed & Thu 10am-7pm
    Location: 33 W. 55th St. (Shoreham Hotel)
    (btwn 5th & 6th Ave)
    Ground Fl
    New York, NY 10019
    (917) 940-9934
    Payment Types: Cash/VISA/AMEX/MC
  2. Today & tomorrow (26/27th) at the Shoreham Hotel, 55th Street & 6th Avenue NYC. Prices up to 75% off. Don't ask me if it's any good. I haven't gone but I'm thinking about it. Right now. I wonder if my co-workers would notice I'm gone...
  3. 75% off Chanel & Hermes. . . .?
    Is this legit?
  4. ooops, someone posted before you. Please search first:yes:
  5. I got an email from Top Button about this sale. No clue what they have. I may go tomorrow. If anyone goes let me know what they have. I am wondering if it is vintage or consigment shop seconds????
  6. Don't waste your time. Repeat: do not waste your time.

    Not a stitch of Chanel anywhere. It was mostly Dolce & Gabbana & Pucci and it was the same selection that's available (cheaper) in Century 21. That's probably where she got it from in the first place.

    The few handbags were of dubious authenticity. There were two LV Suhalis and I couldn't find the code anywhere in them and the dustbags were all wrong (they were the old felt-like ones that haven't been in use in about 5 years).

    Allegedly, the woman running the sale has a shop somewhere. No doubt this is where she rips off unsuspecting people who don't know how to shop for bargains or know real bags from fakes.
  7. Oh and one more thing -- the jewelry that had didn't come from any designer I recognized. Cheap garbage from the wholesale district, probably.
  8. Thanks for the post...maybe moderators should end this thread so no one else goes.