1. I just received an email with the info below, too bad I'll be in Chicago tomorrow :sad:

    Our shipment just arrived of all the "HIGH DEMAND BAGS",
    that we sold out of at our Long Island event.
    The shipment includes new Gucci, Prada and Fendi including the Gucci "Positano Scarf Tote".
    We will be at 154 East 58th Street Wednesday May 9th from 9:00a.m.-6 p.m.

    Don't forget to see us at the Holiday Inn 369 Old Country Road, Carle Place.
    May 24th-25th .... more information to follow.
    Nancy Olicker
    Sample Sale Productions

  2. thanks for the post! ill check it out tomorrow. do you know if there are alot of nice bags? lol dumb question but curious what they'll carry exactly.
  3. Have never gone to one of their sales, just signed up for their email list a month or two ago when another TPF'er posted about them. They claim to have high end stuff-please, please let us know how it was!!
  4. did anyone go:smile:?
  5. I made my boyfriend go to the one in Long Island last weekend and he said it wasn't too great... a lot of Fendi bags, one Chloe paddington, but only $100 off, one yellow balenciaga wallet... It was located in a small ballroom in the hotel and A LOT of people were there...

    LOTS of belts...

    Maybe the one in the city will be better?
  6. SO, i went to look for it but COULDNT FIND IT. im like sweating right now in my dress shirt. i went to 150 E. 58 and couldn't find 154. i asked the door man and he said it was around the corner but it WASN'T, then i called my friend to go on TPF to check the address and google it, still couldn't find it, and then i asked a UPS man and he said it didn't exist. so ... i don't know what happened but i am tired and if anybody finds the right address or whatever please post.
  7. I also went to the one in Long Island last weekend too. The selections were bad IMO. I only saw 1 Chloe Paddington, 1 Balenicaga First, 1 Balenciaga City, 2 Prada, 1 or 2 Fendi, no Gucci, 1 Balenciaga clutch .... I went in and was out in less than 5 minutes. That's how bad I thought the sale was. Maybe they will have better selections in the city. Keep us posted.
  8. told u girls it was bad, hehe

    the chloe paddington was there in Feb....
  9. Girls please let me know of any other sample sales that will be going on this weekend. I'll be in NYC
  10. are you sure they sell real authentic bags?