NYC Sample Sale - May 9th-May 13th - Question??

  1. I just saw that the NYC sample sale will be May 9th to May 13th. For those of you who have been to one of these...what are they like? Do you need to be there the first day really or do they put out new stuff throughout and anytime would be good? Is the weekend crazy? It might be fun to plan a weekend in NYC around this....just wondering....thanks!
  2. Auuuugh!!! I wish I could goooooooo!!! Can't they do online sample sales????

    Or do they do online sample sales???
  3. I'm so happy to hear this because it only means the LA SS isn't too far behind. :graucho:
  4. I'm guessing they may do a VIP night the afternoon/evening before (on Tues 5/8) if history repeats itself. I live in CA so I have gone to some of the recent LA SS and I only go the first day on VIP night in hopes of the best selection. I have heard they bring out new stuff throughout, but if you are looking for some good one of a kind samples it may be worth it to go on the 1st day. NY SS is also different from the LA one, they seem to get way better things as seen in all the past pictures. So excited for you! :smile:
  5. last year they did 2 online SS... if I recall correctly the first one was done in end of June after the NYC, LA, and SF SS completed. I think they sell leftovers of the big stock bags and not the samples. Then another one on black friday. Again, more leftovers from the summer OSS.
  6. I too am so looking forward to the LA SS. Hopefully it will soon be after the NYC one.
  7. Debating whether I will fly down to NYC and back on that Saturday... just for fun!
  8. does anyone know how are the quality of the bags? I've been wanting to buy a MAM for awhile already.
  9. They're the same quality as you would buy elsewhere.
  10. If you can do that, DO IT!
    I'm so excited! I will definitely be there!
  11. If you are in the area, definitely check it out. You will walk in and smell the leather and go into a bag stuper...:p
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    Is Saturday typically that much busier than Friday? Looks like a day trip from Boston maybe. I'm picturing mayhem on Saturday, but maybe it's not that much more crowded....thoughts?
  13. Usually the crazy night is tPF night. Other than that the rest of the days are busy but not to the point where you can't walk without bumping into someone. I'd say Friday and Saturday shouldn't be much different from each other. That's just from my experience in the past.
  14. Thanks!
  15. thanks!