NYC Sample Sale June 2011

  1. OHHH they better have a west coast SS!
  2. Lol yea bet it wont, last time was a slap in the face to LA lambies
  3. And there were some ill behaved lambies that made the whole thing go from bad to worse. I would not expect to see another west coast SS
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    Here is a link for the West Coast sale... Not until August... Boo Hoo, w

    Oh wait... this might be from last year.. dates don't match up.
  5. ^Yep, that was last year's sale. I remember the pictures of the Acid Houndstooth Williamsfield & HL bag.
  6. Just checked Savvy's Twitter feed....

    Hoodster - are you the Shannon who won the chance at a free bag?!:nuts:
  7. Yes I am!! :woohoo: I hope I win this time!
  8. ^Woo Hoo!!! I hope you win too!
  9. GOOD LUCK Love ;)
  10. Any other Lambies going? I can't wait to hear your reports of the sale. Only 3 more days!:party:

    were you able to work out things to be able to go? If nothing else, to escape this brutal heat we've been having!:sweatdrop:
  11. Good luck Shannon! Fingers crossed for you :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone!!

    GUESS WHO IS OFF THE 1ST DAY OF THE SALE!!! We all need to decide on a meetup time, I'm thinking of maybe going early in the morning, since I know I definitely can. And then I'll probably go on Weds and Thurs as well (I just have to make sure my break is during the last hour of the sale, when it all gets marked down even more!)
  13. Awesome Hoodster!!!! So glad you got off for the sample sale....unfortunately I could NOT so im going Wednesday. Deep inside im super sad BUT I keep telling myself since DAY 2 has been turing out to be the BETTER Day, its okay. Please DONT kill my delusions. (I HATE MY JOB) :mad::censor::mad::censor:

    PLEASE report back so I will know what I missed...

    :crybaby: I have NEVER NOT gone the first day :cursing:
  14. Call in sick Rahnon!!! I totally would if I even lived anywhere in the state of NY.