NYC Sample Sale June 2011

  1. I can NOT WAIT :happydance:

    Savvy looking forward to seeing what you have to offer this sample sale. You guys NEVER im SUPER EXCITED :woot:.

    See you Soon ;)
  2. Do we know the exact dates yet?
  3. Nope. Not yet but they should post after the Catherine Malandrino sale which ends on Sunday May 8 :graucho:

    Thanks! :biggrin: Think I can actually go this year, FINALLY.
  5. YEAH :yahoo: NOW it has to be GOOD ;)

    I look forward to meeting you fellow TPF Members :hugs:
  6. wow, in the month june from 6/1- 6/7 I make holidays in NY :biggrin:
  7. Wonder if we get phone orders or if LA will have one again, have fun girls don't beat anyone up!
  8. :shocked:

    a thread already!!!!

    you just couldn't wait, huh, rahnon? :roflmfao:

    i am SOOOOOO not ready....but i'm 90% certain that i'll be there....
  9. ^That would be so great if you could go B! Do you have dates scheduled there already or are you going to plan your trip around the sale?
  10. GREAT timing :biggrin:

    Im too EXCITED to wait :nuts:

    You gotta get READY it will be here before you know it. Time WAITS for NO ONE!!!!

    ....90%!!!! You NEED to be 110% :king: get it RIGHT now!!!
  11. I NEED DATES!!! Although I kind of hope its in July, I have to take off a few days in June for a graduation, graduation party, and my dance recital, and I don't think that taking off for this would be a good excuse, lol. Unless I get scheduled for a mid-day shift, then I can go to the sale, and then take a nap in the breakroom before work, haha.
  12. Well if anyone does go, I'm putting it out there. I want a Ocelot Bettie satchel. :lol:
  13. excited!:amuse:
  14. I want something Ocelot too!
  15. I think thats why I started this thread so early...WE ALL NEED to start working on our WISH LIST ;). I wonder if they will even have Ocelot????? I HOPE they have it ALL :woot: going to TRY NOT to talk about the sample sale until dates are posted. TRY!!!!