NYC Sale/Presale Rundown 411

  1. Here's the rundown from my extensive shopping excursion this morning...yes, it is now officially an addiction.

    Bergdorf - holy cow, major presale stuff. bags (selection of tods, bottega, miu miu, gucci,etc.) shoes (manolo to everything else) clothes (i think every single designer had presale, i picked up a pair of rock & republic jeans for 50% off). be prepared to do battle.

    Celine - store had all apparel and shoes on 40% off, limited selection of bags though.

    Barneys - mostly clothes on sale, not many bags or shoes, compared to their usual big sales events. however, i did see some nice marc jacobs bags on sale though (no idea of price since they were up on the display cases with the sale sign).

    Gucci - very limited stuff on sale for bags, have to wait until 12/4 or 5. a majority of fall/winter shoe sale. saw a beautiful pair of logo suede knee high boots, on sale 40%.

    Bloomingdales - packed, lots of people. wait for this weekend for the add'l 30 - 40% off sale items.

    Saks - also pakced...presale currently going on. still not that great for bags or shoes. i'd recommend going to bergdorf.

    It seems like every store was either on sale or on pre-sale. Even though I didn't go inside Bottega or YSL, i'm pretty sure that they're on sale or on presale too.

    I'm BEAT! Hope this info helps someone~
  2. wow! great summary!
  3. thanks so much for all that info!!!
  4. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. OMG! You rock! THank you so much for the summary!
  6. Thanks a lot!! When is Barney's big sale??
  7. Wow thanks! Glad I held out this weekend...
  8. is the sale still going on?
  9. Haven't heard yet about the big sale, but will post if I get anything...
  10. Yes! You should go as soon as possible for the sales/presales that are happening now, because all the good stuff will be gone.
  11. thanks so much for the info!