NYC sale dates...

  1. are Aug. 22 to 25 at the Metropolitan pavillion 125 W. 18th St

    (I apologize if this was already posted)
  2. very nice of you to post this info!
  3. Ahhh, thank you provcoll! So, who is joining me for lunch and shopping???
  4. Ooh -- thanks!! :yahoo:

    ^^ I'm in, Rose :yes:
  5. Excellent!
  6. Have you been to the sale before? Do they usually have good stuff?
  7. do we know whether the morning of the first day is by invite only?
  8. oh man i could cry! i am going to bermuda on the 23rd and leaving at 11 am. and i can't get there on the 22nd because ill be at work. omg. i am going to cry!
  9. me too! would you believe that i decided to come to NYC Aug. 22 to the 25 and those are the sale dates?????
  10. no, open to the public, which makes me believe Tuesday is probably for invite only
  11. I am sure if you gives us your wish list, we can try to buy some scarves for you...
    I have never been to the NYC sale, only the BH one and i saw only garden party bags there
  12. Sorry for the hijack but do you know when the BH sale is?? TIA!
  13. Oooh Oooh Oooh Somebody is taking the 22nd off!!! I'm tired of sneaking out of work early for the sales and then waiting on excruciatingly long lines to get in with 20 minutes til closing! This time I'm doing it right.

    Hopefully it won't rain that day as that is a really nasty wait on that long line and then when you're soaking wet and attempting to look glamorous trying on scarves.
  14. I feel a trip to the City in my future == thanks for the info!!!
  15. Hmm. Sounds like I might be making a day trip to NYC on 8/22...