NYC saks has a bunch of black metallic...

  1. bowlers and flap bags from the luxury line if anyone is interested
  2. Are you getting one?
  3. no, I'm taking back the light burgundy one and getting a tote (I am a sucker for totes and hobos)
  4. I just ordered the bowler from the Beverly Hills store. They've got some too. Also just to let you know the SA told me that they have a special EGC promotion. I wasn't familier with that but I guess if you spend a certain amount of money they'll give you a gift card. So with the bowler they'll also send a $300 gift card. Not a bad deal.
  5. mmm, is that for that store only or all of them? and what does EGC stand for? :shame:
  6. The promo is TODAY only! So if you want a little extra with the Chanel bag, today would be the day to go for it!
  7. Not sure if it's just for that store or all of them. You might wanna give them a call and ask. Not sure what the "E" is for but "GC" is for gift card. Now's definately a good time to get your Chanel.
  8. I just called and spoke with Donna. If you purchase the medium bowler your ECG(electronic gift card) would be $300. Wow! :wlae:

    I have a dilemma I just ordered yesterday the medium bowler in red from the Chanel Boutique in SF. What would you do return it to get the ECG card or should I keep it when it comes. The only problem is the Saks store only has the bag in black. Help! Has anyone seen the red is it a good color or would the black be a better choice.
  9. Does anyone know how much the bowlers go for? I haven't been able to find a price.
  10. Personally, I think the red is a MUCH better color than the matte black. However, if you're talking about the METALLIC black, then that color wins hands down!!! So my order of rank is:

    1) Metallic black--the ultimate color as far as I'm concerned
    2) Red
    3) Matte black
  11. I think I bought my medium luxury bowler for $2190. Try running a search and I'm sure someone has posted the prices for the Luxury line in the past.
  12. I am going to go with your opinion and order the metallic black bowler.:shrugs: Once the red bowler comes I will compare to see which one I like best.
  13. Awww--thanks for trusting my opinion. I think the metallic black is just so sharp and really "makes" the bag. Btw, the red is a matte color too. You'll have to let me know what you end up keeping!
  14. I got mine for $2160
  15. I hate to sound so dumb:shame: but what are the metallic bowler and flap bags? Does anyone have pictures and who are they by?