Nyc saks chanel sa

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  1. I have read so many bad things about SAKS NYC SAs..

    Can anyone recommend me the good SA for me?

    I checked [​IMG] ~*~Recommended Sales Associates~*~ by Mon.

    New York City:
    611 5th Avenue 212-753-4000

    Ndo (Endo?)
    Susan cell: 347-426-6554
    Jonathan L. Snipes
    Frank Evangelista 212-940-4631,

    There are so many of them...:faint:

    Do you have any suggestion?:okay:
  2. I NEVER deal with the NYC store...their shipping deptmt has screwed up one too many times for me!LOL!I use SAKS in Bala,PA.I use Carm there.they never mess up my orders and r way nicer!
  3. If you absolutely must use the NY Saks Chanel (emphasis on "absolutely must" lol....I'm local and avoid the flagship Saks Chanel unless absolutely necessary), I'd suggest contacting Jonathan (Snipes), Ndo, or Toni. Susan is nice too. I just wouldn't recommend trying to return something directly to them.
  4. lol, thanx Jill and foxycleopatra..

    I am new to this Chanel crave and I am absolutely going NUTS!!

    I am so glad I have professionals like you guys :smile:

    Thank you millions!!
  5. I just call the PA store asking for Carm..

    The lady just picked up and said "there's no one with that name I am going to transfer you back to operator" and hung up on me... yikes!!!!!
  6. daeun - one of the most resourceful Saks Chanel SA's is DAMIAN @ Saks Bala Cynwyd Chanel. Recommend him 110%. A LOT of us here work with him lol. He can find you anything within Saks' nationwide system. I think he might be off on Mondays but you can email him any Chanel inquiries/requests/emergencies at
  7. I just sent him an e-mail...

    I wanted the Portobello bag in Medium Black/black, but SAKs didn't get it in Medium!

    wanted to get it for EGC event and I guess I can't :sad:
  8. Since the coming EGC won't include Chanel, maybe you can consider finding it at NM or Nordies?
  9. Carm is UPSTAIRS in contemporary....she get me all my stuff though.LOVE HER!I just spent the day with her!and i got the best stuff!
  10. I talked to Lisa instead.. She seems pretty nice.....

    I am still upset that SAKS don't carry the medium size....