NYC reveals . . . what a great trip

  1. Well I left for NYC on Thursday and arrived in the late afternoon. I had a couple of goals for this trip.
    1. find twilly and or pocket sqaure to wrap around my vert anis ostrich handles.
    2. Check out any of the new scarves that I just felt that I needed to buy
    3. Hope to see a dark neutral birkin/HAC that was for sale. AT this point, all of my bags are very colorful and I just needed to add that one dark bag to round out my collection. At this point my absolute dream bag was a Maroon Fonce Hac 32 in a rigid type of leather. But since beggers can't be chosers, I settled on the idea of a birkin of HAC in dark black, browns, raisin, dark greens etc. The car service picked us up from the airport to bring us to the hotel. I told my friend that I had read on the inventory thread that Wall Street had a black Birkin as of Wednesday night and that I was actually thinking of going by there first. Traffic was horrible so we decided to call the store to see if it was even worth going out of our way. As I predicted, they would not confirm of deny if that birkin was still in the store. I had a hunch that a tpf'er bought it, so I got on the forum via my Iphone and read that indeed the bag was bought by Mme Paix. I was very happy for her. I put off the trip to the new store till the next day. My dreams were somewhat deflated at the idea that they would have another dark birkin/HAC available 2 days in a row . . .
  2. Sorry to hear you missed out on the Black Birkin. And....???
  3. anticipation.....great & tell sista....:popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  4. oh I love that she called me from the store. can't wait to see pics...C there better the action pics!
  5. Oh how wonderful C!!! Another one of our friends was also able to score a dark birkin at the Wall Street store!!! Looks like the Wall Street store has some major goodies!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR GOODIES!!!!!
  6. So we wake up Friday morning and decide that we will run by a couple of resale shops on the Upper East side. At one of the major resellers I find a Great H scarf that I have not seen before. I had been needing a scarf in a true red colorway and I could not pass this baby up since the price was so good and it was in perfect condition I pay for my new scarf and I am excited about what else is in store for me on my NYC shopping adventure.
    Here is the scarf . . . . any idea on the name etc?
  7. wow what a wonderful scarf esp to buy in ny!
  8. So we are off to the Wall Street Hermes. After a long taxi ride and a bombsniffing dog at a random chack point we walk into the new beautiful store. I start asking about pocket squares and twilies to wrap on my ostrich. The lovely SA shows me a couple fo options. They have a Vert anis ostrich Beran in the store for me to compare the silk treats too. I am torn and decide I will get both and leave it to my good great Tpf sisters to decide what looks best. Here are my options
  9. Here are the pics on my ostrich birkin. Please tell me which one you like better
    1. Ballerina pocket square

    2. Lotus twilly
    IMG_4465.jpg IMG_4466.jpg
  10. definitely the lotus..which is in anis colorway. the green of the ballerina is a different tone
  11. Lotus twilly!
  12. I prefer the La Danse pocket scarf. Looking forward to hearing more about your NYC adventure!
  13. I'm new to this subforum and not familiar with the colourways IRL. Judging from the colours on the screen, the ballerina scarf goes perfectly with the colour of the ostrich. The ballerina theme is also very lovely! I understand that you use the scarf to protect the handles, but does this result in the scarf becoming wrinkly and dirty in the long run? I mean, you probably only use it for this purpose? TIA for answering newbie questions.
  14. Fleur -- So glad to hear you had a successful trip! The reveal is going great so far -- can't wait to see what's next :nuts:

    I love the twilly on the handle. The ballerinas matches nicely, but you lose the print when it's wrapped so tightly.
  15. TD4 FleurDeLis!! Beautiful!!!! Congratulations! Did you get it before the price increase?