NYC reveal with cute story


Nov 19, 2011
Hubby and I went to NYC to celebrate his 40th bday. We've never been and loved the trip. Anyway, he'd bought me my first LV, mono speedy 30 last year for our anniversary, and inevitably created a LV monster! Anyway I've been after a SLG. I stopped at the Soho LV and had my totally heat stamped, hubby told me to buy the SLG. I couldn't decide what pattern, plus it was day 1 so we left. Went to Macy's, and left again empty handed. Went to 5th ave...again, I couldn't buy it. Went to Macy's AGAIN the night before we were leaving and he almost forced me to pick it and buy it. I couldn't! Went to sleep, I wake up, hubby brought coffee and told me to grab a laundry bag from hotel closet and I found this...