nyc restaurants

  1. Anyone got any good suggestions for NYC restaurants or even chains that will be in NYC? Open to anything except seafood. Price range not really an issue.
  2. well if you're going to be in nyc next week you're in luck because it's restaurant week! some of the restaurants that i love that are participating in restaurant week are union square cafe (although it's pretty impossible to get a reservation during this time of year except on weekends), grammercy tavern (the same), nobu (again probably no reservations this time of year), and butter.

    and IMO le cirque is probably one of the best restaurants in NY. and if you like sushi of course there are the usual places such as nobu (which is actually better for their cooked food) and morimoto, but for a lesser-known place that's just as good try hasaki in the village-it's not much for fancy decor and all that, but it's amazing!

    there are a million good places too eat, but it's so early that i'm drawing a blank right now. if you have any specific cuisines you like or dislike or specific areas of the city you'll be in it'd be helpful! :tup:
  3. and for your shopping convenience i wanted to mention that if you happen to be shopping on fifth avenue (:graucho:) and feel the need for a little snack there's a japanese department store called takashimaya that not only has a really unique range of products and a great spa, but also has a great little tea shop and restaurant downstairs (there's a flight of stairs on the left that's easy to miss). they offer an amazing selection of teas and tea cookies, and if you make it in before they close the kitchen, their bento boxes are fabulous, as are their sandwiches.
  4. There is a little Italian restaurant we stumbled upon one day and have always had good experiences at... 44 Southwest Ristorante. Its at 9th & 44th, great for going after the theater, if you plan to see any shows. I'm not a tiramisu person, but theirs is great. Prices are moderate, I think our last bill for two was like $100?
  5. Awww man, I was about to suggest Morimoto till I saw 'open to everything BUT seafood.'
  6. Thanks guys but I'll be there the end of Feb, so missing restaurant week :sad: :sad: yeah we are staying in Times Sq (kill me now!!) so anything around there would be great!

    Anyone been to The View?? Or Tavern on the Green?
  7. If you like French food, try La Bonne Soupe. It's on 55th between 5th and 6th. The restaurant looks like it hasn't been redone in years, but it's very cozy, country-french style and the food is INCREDIBLE. I have French friends who say the food at LBS is better than in France. It's got lots of homestyle French classics- onion soup, quiche, crepes, etc. Moderate prices, nice for a casual lunch or dinner.
  8. Nobu is pretty good. I like their Bahamas restaurant better but the NYC one is good too.

    Edit: Just saw you don't want seafood. Sorry! Nobu is probably not for you then.

    I have a list of places I like the run the gambit: cheap to expensive, healthy to super unhealthy. What kinds of food are you looking for and what kind of experience do you like?
  9. ^^ For Hot Dogs, go to Crif Dogs. Seriously. Just go.
  10. the BEST chinese food in NYC is at new green bo in chinatown, across from the chinatown ice cream factory (also delicious). it's cheap and the shanghai style dumplings are amazing. ie. tiny buns :smile:
  11. TotG sucks, IMO. Boathouse is also in the park, less touristy, worlds better.

    Good restaurants IN Times Square are hard to come by, but not too too far are 44 & X (at 44th & 10th Ave), DB Bistro and Norma's. All great.
  12. agree with New Green Bo and Crif dogs (which is attached to the secret bar that you enter through a phonebooth...can't remember the name, was there once). For casual, but great, my friends and I like to go to Ethos in midtown for awesome greek food (gigantes). Essex in lower east side for Brunch on Saturday/Sunday ($15 for meal + 3 drinks (mimosa, bloody mary); Yuca bar for awesome huevos rancheros brunch; schiller's; stanton social
  13. I took clients to China Grill, we had a good time there. very close to times square.