NYC restaurant/shopping/trip recommendations - Pastis in particular?

  1. I'm taking my mother and sister to NYC in a month and I'd like to take them out to some nice, if possible somewhat trendy restaurants (not $100 a person but stylish, like I could wear Manolos or Gucci and look in place). We'll probably go to Babbo just because the last time I was in NYC I went there and loved it. Not sure its trendy but the food was fantastic. I'm looking for a few other options as well. Lunch places around the Upper East Side would be great as well because we'll be staying around there.

    Is Pastis still a cool place to go? And was it featured in Sex & the City? My sister would love to go if it was (we'll be making a trip to the Magnolia bakery b/c I heard that was in SATC, haha). A friend in NYC claims that Pastis is still trendy, but I thought it wasn't anymore.:shrugs:

    Which Prada is the best in NYC? Since I got her a Prada bag my sister is a little Prada addict. I've only been to the store in the Upper East Side, is the Soho store better?

    Any plays out that people recommend?

    Thanks ladies! I so love NYC!
  2. PRADA -- soho is definitely the place to be

    My favs are sushi samba on 7th ave south (very trendy and yummy)--- it's OK priced, i just pay more because of my martinis :smile:)

    Upper east side..

    Shopping --- cruise by around 73rd and 3rd (i think that's the street), you'll see all the big drop/scoop/searle and their summer sale should be in FULL EFFECT at that time..

    If you goto Magnolia... you can go shopping all along bleeker (the marc jacobs store is there) or you can turn around and shop in the meat packing district ( lots of cobblestones, heels are NOT recommended there).

    Also if you like the magnolia cupcakes, you can also got buttercup (on 2nd avenue between 50 and 52nd (forgot the exact cross street).. the owner of that shop was one of the original owners of the magnolia bakery.

    Cool posh place for brunch is probably BED in NY on the rooftop listening to music and just chillin. I'm going there when my cousins come in two weeks, so i can let you know how that is if you're going to be here later.

    That's all the info i have at the top of my head for now :smile:
  3. Prada Soho and 57th Street are great places for Prada. I also like Spice Market but that wasn't on SATC. Sushi Samba is great too and it will be much easier to get into not to mention it's closer to Magnolia.

    If you go the Meatpacking District you musty must go to Jeffreys. I love that place. They have all of the newest stuff!
  4. Prada Soho is the best. The 5th Ave location is quite dead.

    Pastis is still crowded. My hedge fund friends go there a lot ... so it's probably not as "cool" as it used to be :biggrin: But it's still quite popular and the girls are still gorgeous.

    As for BED, I don't know if the food is good, but it's definitely popular right now because of the roofdeck.

    Another roofdeck to try is 60 Thompson, especially Sunday afternoons.
  5. Thanks, what great recommendations!

    Haha, my attorney & I-banker friends go to Pastis. So yeah, I get you Sonya. Btw. is the rooftop Thompson open to non-guests or non-members? It looked like it wasn't from the website, but perhaps I'm wrong.

    I haven't heard of Jeffrey's, so I'll be checking it out.

    Sushi Samba looks like fun (I love wild mixes of ingrediants) and BED looks fun too - although I probably couldn't deal with taking my mom there at night! :P Even though she has a friend who met her soon-to-be husband at a similar spot in Miami.
  6. I love Balthazar in SoHo - very trendy, but make your reservations now!

  7. Yes, this is a personal favourite of ours. :yes: :heart:
  8. you should also check out union square's one of my all-time favorites--really casual and great food :yes:
  9. Yes, technically 60 Thompson is private ... but if you just show up looking gorgeous, they won't stop you. If you want, you can PM me your names and I'll get your names put on the list. :flowers:
  10. I've gone to Pastis in both NY and Miami. It's more of a quick lunch stop for me than a fine sit down establishment. Not so widely popular and "cool" but still nice nonetheless. For the summer I def. recommend hanging outdoors and holding a drink to cool you off from the summer sizzle!