NYC residents help: Store purchases

  1. I'm from Buffalo, NY. I'll be going to Manhattan in about 3 weeks, and I have quite a list of things to buy from Louis Vuitton. I usually go to the flagship store on 57th Street, but I've always only bought one item at a time (not that I've bought many from the store; most of my purchases were through eLuxury :suspiciou, but this time I want to buy from the store so I can try them out).

    What I wanted to know is: is there a limit to the number of items you can buy from that store? I know that there are stores in Europe that have a one- or two-item limit. If I'm lucky and can find everything on my list, I'll leave Manhattan with 5 or 6 Louis Vuitton items, and I was just wondering if I could get them all at once at the same store. Or should I not risk it and buy from Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue too?
  2. There's also one in SoHo and in Bloomingdales!! You should try the flagship first, then those if need be. I don't know of a limit!
  3. i'm usually too lazy to go to SoHo and Bloomingdales, because it's further downtown, and i like to hang around Midtown. but i think i might go there this time too.
  4. There's a lot of great shopping in SoHo!
  5. i doubt there's a limit i've sen ladies walk out with bags and bags of merchandise.....
  6. You defintely have to check out Soho!
  7. I Don't Believe There's Ever Been A Limit (I Mean In Manhattan).
  8. There is an LV at Saks Fifth Avenue as well. Be prepared for the SA in the flagship store....I was there in February and there was one named Nicole who was a condesending you know what.
  9. then i'll walk in with one of my LV bags and see what anyone has to say

  10. You can walk to Bloomingdales from the flagship store, never heard of a limit.
  11. I've never heard of a limit, but you might want to hit Bloomie's, as the others suggested, and Macy's, too. The flagship store has a GREAT collection and I was impressed by its overall size, too. Also, call ahead a few days before to ensure that the different stores outside of LV itself have your items in stock- Bloomingdale's will sometimes be between shipments of its more popular selling LV items. It's why I got my epi speedy from LV itself, because Bloomie's was out.

    HAVE FUN!! What are you planning on getting?
  12. In order of preference:

    Suhali L'Epanoui GM in white
    Canvas Speedy 25 or 30
    Multicolore or Canvas Wapity
    * Vernis Lagoon Clutch
    * Epi Segur MM
    * Taiga Viktor (for my boyfriend)

    * Still considering; I want to see them in real life before buying

    These are only my LV purchases :shame:. I also have in mind a Fendi Embroidered Venim Spy, a Versace Metallic Monogram bag, and a Chanel Caviar Classic Flap bag. I'm going shopping with my mom, so it's the best time to snag what I want! :P

    By the way, if I do call, and they do have whatever I want in stock, will they be able to hold them for me? What if in the end I decide not to get some of the items? I'd feel bad that I'd be asking them to hold an item I might end up not buying. I usually don't call ahead, because all my LV store purchases have been totally unplanned.
  13. No limit at flagship. Remember there's also LV @ Saks, Bloomies and Macy's not to mention SoHo
  14. If I call ahead to ask if the store has the items I want, will they put them on hold for me? If yes, for how long?
  15. Definitely check out Soho... the SAs are much nicer IMO, and the store is nowhere near as busy as the flagship store. The flagship is a must-see, but for shopping do Soho. :smile: