NYC Purse Forum Meeting!!

  1. I have to post this here because I know there are alot of girls here that are from New York and since we are always in here I wanted to make sure you girls see this. If your interested please go to the sticky in the General subforum and you will see the sticky.

    The restaurant we wanted from the start is now available and we have it for 5pm on the Aug. 19th

    Here's the restaurant info,...

    El Cantinero ($25-50 PP)
    86 University Pl, New York 10003
    Btwn 11th & 12th St

    Phone: 212-255-9378

    I hope you all could make it!!!
  2. Damn! I wish I could be there! You ladies are going to have so much fun! Please post pics!!!!
  3. I'm out of town too - returning on the 20th. Darn ! Maybe next time !

    Thanks for posting it here, I seldom check the other sub-forums.
  4. Me too, Bagg....thanks for posting here! I'm only on the Chanel sub-forum and not as much as I used to be.....wish I could make it but maybe when I come to NYC for my annual visit early in 2007!!!!
  5. El Cantinero? Isn't that the restaurant where Carrie *Bradshaw* had/got stood up on her 35th birthday?
  6. LOL, Khoi! I think it was Il Cantanori, an Italian restaurant. This one's Mexican.
  7. Waaahh!! I want to join! But I'm out of town till next month or so.

    Enjoy the get-together girls!
  8. Oh....:lol::lol::lol::lol:
  9. Yes, she was waiting there for her freinds but they were waiting for her somewhere else.
  10. If you girls remember she left the restaurant with a big mexican hat!
  11. Awww ... I wanna go to the NYC Gathering!! Well, don't have enough frequent flyer miles yet, one ostrich Birkin will do the trick though.

    For the ladies who are going, have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!
  12. I wish you guys who are going a wonderful time!!! :party:

    How I wish I could join. :girlsigh:
  13. Sounds so much fun! LOVE MEXICAN RESTAURANT! (Mexican restaurant selection is very poor here!) Have a good time!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. OMG! It's just around the corner! Bagg....make sure you take tons of pics and post them as soon as you can! least we can live vicariously through if we don't already!
  15. I wish I could come...:girlsigh:For all the ladies going,

    :drinkup: :party:
    Have Lots of Fun!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: