NYC Private Sale

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  1. Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

    Metropolitan Pavilion
    4th Floor Gallery
    (Sale Enterance at 123 West 18th St)

    credit cards only.
  2. Thank you, Rose! :tender:
  3. ^ BlueGenes, What are you buying? ;)
  4. A question for all the Hermes veterans out there: I've never been to a private sale. What sorts of items am I likely to find, and at what levels of discount? Thank you!
  5. Is it by invitations only?
    Can the invitee bring the guest with him/her?
    Do they check invitations at the entrance?
    Compare to the list?
    Verify the ID?

    I wonder because that's what I read about Chanel sales
    Chanel invites magazines editors, does Hermes do the same?
  6. Yes.
    Occasionally, but the will accept a cc as id.
  7. Thanks, Sumisu
    Is it as crowded as the next day public sale?
    Are people coming in advance to wait in queue?
    Do they let in groups of 25 like on public sale?
  8. Somewhat crowded, but not the zoo that is the first day of the public sale.
    Yes, and a bit of gossip: the woman that owns Fisch for the Hip is always at the front of the line.
    Yes, something like that; the elevator is only so big.
  9. will it be open to the public the next day (Sept 24th?)

  10. Oh, please forgive me, and that's me who considered myself a pro in shopping, and I do not know what this "fish" is? Could you enlighten me more? where is that store located? Or is it a restaurant? I feel so amateurish.
  11. OK I googled it, and I know the place, but since I never visit such stores I didn't remember the name. However I do pass by often and recognised it. Now I am not surprised at all, Sumisu.
  12. Can the invitee bring the guest with him/her? No
    Do they check invitations at the entrance? YES
    Compare to the list? NO
    Verify the ID? NO
  13. It will be, personally, I love the Thursday mornings....
  14. At BOTH the private and public sales, handbags have to be checked in before entering the sales floor. One can bring only wallets and cell phones to the sales area. A white paper bag is given to everyone to put their shopping in. No scarf/ tie boxes available for items purchases during the private/public sales.
  15. Do they add merchandise daily or during the day?
    Or does initial stuff being sold until whatever left?
    I visited usually on first day and never came back on other days.
    Is it possible that they add on more things later?