nyc- places for breakfast

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  1. i am looking for recommendations for places to eat breakfast in mid-town manhattan. i always find that i'm at a loss when i'm there and end up spending time roaming around looking for a decent place. thanks.
  2. Norma's! It is a little pricey but they have awesome smoothies and pancakes. It is in the Meridien in Midtown Manhattan.
  3. thanks for the rec. my hubby refuses to eat breakfast on the run and likes to enjoy his first meal of the day. this sounds great.
  4. I second Norma's! They have absolutely delicious breakfast foods and the restaurant itself is quite a sight to see!

    Other places that are good are: Amy's Bread and Pain Quotidien (chain bread/breakfast place). But definitely check out Norma's
  5. Normas
  6. thanks for you suggestions. norma's sounds like a great place. i will also check out amy's bread and pain quotidien too.
  7. Norma's !!! definitely.
  8. Sarabeths. Sooo delicious.
  9. Another vote for Norma's. It's pricey, but delicious. Le Pain Quotidien has multiple locations and they are very good too. Everywhere else I was planning to suggest is further downtown, but those would be my top two choices in midtown.
  10. Either arrive really early or make reservation if you plan to go to Norma's..
    Sarabeth's very good as well, and it's right by central park. You can take a walk after breakfast.
  11. Sarabeth's and Via Quadronno (25E 73rd) for the best cappuccino.
  12. ahhhh Via Quadronno!! I agree, the BEST cappuccino I've ever had. I miss the days when my sister lived in NYC, she was a 5 minute walk :sad: