NYC now open on Sundays for the holidays!

  1. Okay, shopaholics! NYC will now be open Sundays 12 to 5, starting after Thanksgiving to accommodate all your Hermes needs. It will last the length of the holidays. We know have an extra day during the week to harass our favorite SAs!!!!! Heehee.
  2. happy birthday bagg!!!! you are just too cute!!!!!
    hg....fabulous news!!!!! see u there!!!!
  3. :whistle: I think I have to suggest to DH that we take the kids into NYC next sunday after I slave over the stove Wednesday and Thursday for Thanksgiving??? Happy thanksgiving to me. I need a bearn to go with my evelyne, don't I?
  4. Absolutely, Princess!!!!!

    YAAY! Another day to SHOP!!!!!!
  5. We Like That!!! I Am Soooo Jealous!
  6. if they open on Sundays they should stock up on birkins and kellys...ha ha:yahoo:
  7. This is another reason that I love this time of year!There are so many weekends when I would prefer going in on a Sunday, it is such a nice, easy day - perfect for spending at Hermes.

    ***I think Chicago has the same 12-5 hours
  8. Yipeeeeeee!!!
  9. that is good news. I am going the day after thanksgiving so I will be able to go to Hermes 5 straight days hoping to catch my birkin.
  10. ^^^^^Ah, loren, I will miss you. I am going to be away for Thanksgiving. Enjoy our town!!!! NYC is best during the holidays.
  11. Thanks for the great news, HG!!
  12. ^^^^^Time for a Sunday outing, Ninja Sue?
  13. They already kicked Claude out of his corner spot and made it a wrapping station.
  14. Oh NO! Poor baby.....where did they put him?????
  15. They moved him to the 3rd floor like they do every year. Boy it's going to crowded in there. Claude, Pierre, the watch, D, when you finally move in.:P

    I was watching them move all his stuff. They even took all his rolls of leather and put it into a big box labeled "Claude's leathers". The windows have been screened out in preparation for the festivities. Boohoo.:crybaby: I won't be around to see the windows when they are done.:sad: Will someone take pictures so I can see my store while I'm on the other side of the country?:idea: