NYC Mulberry - anyone know what they have?

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  1. I'll be in New York next week and I'm hoping to benefit from the low (but rising :wtf:) dollar, bag wise of course. I'm really in love with my ledbury and would love to get another one (printed or in a poppy colour). And I'd like to buy one for my mother - I'd promised her a nice bag for once (she was drooling over the black ledbury in the store). I'm also after a black Antony. Does anyone know what sort of stuff the Mulberry boutique in NYC has at the moment? Any idea about prices?
  2. No idea, but you could just call them and inquire.
    The number is on the Mulberry site under 'discover mulberry' and then stores/stockists.
    Good luck, safe travels and happy shopping in NYC!
  3. ^great idea, I always forget there are actual phone numbers on designers' websites! :P
  4. Hi, I just came back from New York. Was planning to buy a bag at Schiphol, but there is only 1 area left where they sell Mulberry, do not remember which section for sure, but I think it was at gate B. But they had very few Mulberry bags left. Then my hope was for the 2 Mulberry stores in NY, but you have to add the 11% taxes and that does not make it cheaper as in the PC store. The collection at the warehouses was almost zero. So I did not buy a bag, was very disappointed!!!!!
  5. ^Thanks a lot bagcrazy! That's good to know, now I'm sure I made the right decision getting my first ledbury in Amsterdam. Do you happen to know if I can get a longchamp le pliage at schiphol? I intend to use it to protect my ledbury against rain :yes:
  6. I did not look for any, so do not know. If you want to buy a bag in NY, the best place is Macy's or Bloomingdales, because as a non-US citizen, you can get a 10 or 11 % reductioncard (which you can use for almost all purchases) at their customerservicedesk. Another tip: If you like Marc Jacobs: There are 3 stores in Bleeckerstreet, very close to the Mulberry store. One of those at the corner (I think Perry street, the one closest to Mulberry)sells great items at very low prices. I bought a nice leather messenger bag, which is reversible (one side dark blue, the other side black) for only $98. And nice canvas bags for only $19. They also sell flipflops for $11 etc, etc. Be sure to take a look!:tup:
  7. ^thanks a lot again! I sure love MJ, and I happen to think his 'cheaper' MbyMJ is better than the high end line, so I'll surely check out his stores! Great, I can't wait! :yahoo:
  8. I don't know what the retail stores have but according to the SoHo store, you'll be here in time for the NY Sample Sale. It's supposed to take place starting on the 27th at the Metropolitan Pavilion on West 18th Street. So far, I've not received any official confirmation about this sale. Anyone else hear anything?
  9. ^that's fantastic! If anyone finds out more, please let me know! :roflmfao:
  10. Are you LUCKY!!!! I realy hope you will find a nice bag there!! Must admit I look a little green though!!!!!
  11. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:for you!!!!!

    :sick::sick::sick::sick: for me!!!!

    what terribly good fortune - i love ny shopping (could easily lose a couple of days browsing in C21 or Loehmans sp?) but to be there when a mulberry sample sale is on - wee hee!!
  12. I really can't wait to go! The only thing I'm worried about is the overkill of choice: there are so many more designer purses (and shoes and clothes - my addiction is spreading) available in NYC than in the Netherlands that I'm either leaving without anything because I don't know what to choos, or I'll break the bank (and come back with my entire whishlist LOL)
  13. ^^^ LOl! Hope you have a good time graciella, you must let us know how you get on!
  14. Be sure to cut off all pricetags and labels. Because there is a lot of controling when you come back at Schiphol and otherwise you have to pay a lot of taxes!!!!
    I sent all pricetags, labels and receipts to my home by mail in 1 great big envelope. Saved a lot of money that way!!;)
  15. ^Do they seriously check that? I mean, do they open your suitcase to see what's inside? I don't think I'll buy that much to be honest, since I prefer to spend a lot on very little (quality) items, but my sister is in real trouble. She saved up her wages of the past 4 months to spend on just about any baby phat item out there (yes, tacky, I know), including multiple pairs of shoes, a lot of perfume etc. I told her she might get caught, of course I know that, but I wasn't aware of the fact that they're this paranoid about it. Did you get checked then?