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NYC MTA is on strike!!!


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Nov 18, 2005
so it is impossible for me to get to work. i live practically in Long Island, edge of Queens, and it normally takes me 1.5 hours to get to work as it is. a bus and two trains. so they are asking us to try to get to work, and i'm thinking howwww? take the LIRR to penn station, then the PATH into NJ then back to WTC? they are nuts. and as i hear it even as early as 5 am, the traffic is already backed up for miles. my mom ventured out to get to work at 6 am to take a van that will drive to chinatown from flushing. i'll let her be the ginny pig because i am not walking in this 20 something degree weather?!?! they don't pay me enough to do that! and then going home will be a nightmare. forget it. lol.


Oct 23, 2005
The Today show had a lot of coverage on the strike this morning. My boss grew up in Queens and said it used to take her about 2 hours to get to work. And I thought my 45 minute commute was bad! I wouldn't walk in that cold weather. I hope an agreement is reached soon so everything can get back to normal!


Nov 28, 2005
I feel for you Fayden. This strike hurts alot of people and especially the students. I think that the mta should be run exactly like the fire, police, emt's, no strike to hurt the public should be allowed. 3 years without a contract? what about people who have been 3 years without a job , or who have no pension at the end of retirement, or haven't had a raise in years.