NYC meetup

  1. I'll be heading east later this month. Who's free for meeting up on Thursday, 8/25 or Friday, 8/26:yahoo:? It'll have to be in the afternoon or evening. Details to be given out by PM.
  2. Hopefully, I could do later in the day 8/25!!
  3. I'm pretty new to this but I'm in!
  4. Lucky you, Pr1nc355!! Have fun you guys -- wish I could be there too :biggrin:
  5. i have to see my work schedule...if i am in nyc thursday 8/25 i can probably meet up late afternoon/dinner
  6. awww, won't be able to make it, but have a great time ladies!
  7. I'm in for either day - late afternoon or evening. Would love to meet you ladies!
  8. How fun! I love get togethers!
  9. I wanna go, I live in Philly and I need a NYC break!
  10. Names taken for those of you who replied or PMed me your "yes"es. I'll send out details of the where/when later this week.
  11. Details sent by PM earlier today. Check your inboxes =)
  12. Can't wait R!!!
  13. Possible change made---please check your PMs!