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  1. There have to be a ton of tpfers near NYC -- would anyone like to do a meet up?
    I'm a Prada fanatic -- but would love to meet other purse aholics, regardless.
    Interested ??
  2. ooh... i was wondering when i'd see a nyc thread.

    i'm totally game. we each have to bring our fave bag and drool over each others' bags and have lunch or something!!
  3. Sure, I'm in!
  4. Sounds great! I have only 1 small coach bag to my name, but I would love to lunch and drool over your gal's bags. Food and purses...could it get any better? lol
  5. Im totally in! D&G Rockstar lives in NY and we have been dyin to meet up!
  6. i want to meet too.....
    I will be back east in august... so if anyone wanna meet in august... let me know...
  7. if you do it next year too i will fly in if we can go to balinciaga store the only store in the usa i want to see the city and the classique in person side byside
  8. Ok, how far ahead do people plan these things? August tends to be good for me, quiet realtor time of year.
    Any favorite lunch spots midtown among everyone and then we could check out a few stores or ... just do lunch somewhere fun like Buddakan? Tell me what you think.
  9. ah, shopping in nyc with a team of enablers? sounds like a plan :graucho:!

    i guess august is a good time, drum up enough nyc tpf'ers by then. i don't know many good restaurants in midtown, it always seems so business-y - the village or upper east side i'm more familiar with. but i think the easiest thing to do is for someone to pick a day + restaurant and announce that we should all meet there... i guess jenskar, since you started this, do you want to plan?
  10. This might be a bit over the top but what about Sunday tea at the Four Seasons Lobby Lounge? Right near Barneys, Bergdorfs, Prada, Chanel -- it's not cheap but we could order a few complete teas and have lots of little sandwiches, cakes etc to share -- I guess it all depends on how many people want to come.

    Alternative -- Buddakan near Chelsea Market and we'd be close to Jeffrey's and all the boutiques in the Meat Packing District. They can easily accomodate large groups easily.

    August 12th is a Sunday -- Jill already commented she's going to the shore last two weeks of August in the Prada thread.

    Let me know what you think -- alternate ideas more than welcome !!
  11. I dont go away till AUG that day is OK
  12. Im in! il ask the parentals if I can make it !
  13. either locale sounds great... aug. 12 sounds great...
    yikes, maybe i should stop "window-shopping" until aug. 12, so i can actually shop with you guys. this is gonna be so much fun! :yahoo:
  14. I'll keep checking this for new people and as we get closer we can finalize a place for August 12th based on what people like/where they want to shop -- how does that sound?
    Then we just have to find away to trade contact info -- not sure how to do that within the site rules -- maybe someone knows?
  15. can we do it on the 11th instead?
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