NYC Meet Pics & Mini Reveal

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  1. We met up at the Soho LV on Saturday and had a good time! We walked around the store, checked out some of the bags, tried things on, and figured out which bags we liked and didn't like. Of course almost everything was sold out! Afterward we had lunch and got to know each other, and decided we should all hang out again.


    So I looked around at all the SLGs and the fashion jewelry, but still nothing had caught my eye. I was hoping to get a ring from the Sweet Monogram line, but they just didn't fit right. So we went back upstairs and I looked at the scarves and bandeaus. I immediately fell in love with one of them, and, as the girls pointed out, it was my color :smile:

    My new Rose Clair Denim Bandeau
  2. gorgeous bandeau, glad you all had a good time....congrats :smile:
  3. Love the combo of the pink and azure. Congratulations :smile:
  4. We had some interesting experiences at the store though, lol. We got moved out of the way by a very rude SA who apparantly just had to get around us with a tiny ladder. She literally gave us two seconds to move to the side before she said "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me." Sonya an I looked at each other like "did that really just happen?"

    Florence asked why all of the bags were out of stock, and an SA told us that they "just can't keep up with the demand," which none of us believed. She also told us that it's because each piece is "hand sewn," which I'm also not believing. They never had a problem keeping up with demand before.
  5. What great pics -- LV girls always look great, don't they? I'm loving the Mahinas!!

    Congrats on your bandeau - looks perfect on the Azur Speedy.

    Could you identify the girls in the pics with their tPF ID's? (with their permission, of course!!)
  6. Congrats! Looks like you ladies had a great time!
  7. First pic: 1SxyTrini, senssonya , moondoggiesbaby, *NYC Princess*
    Second Pic: 1SxyTrini, AECornell, moondoggiesbaby, *NYC Princess*
  8. Thanks for posting the photos! We did have a really nice time :biggrin:
  9. aw you all look great!
  10. Great Pics, congrats!
  11. You guys are so pretty and look fabulous! Congrats on the new goody - it looks great on your Speedy :smile:
  12. You girls are so stylish!!! Wow. Love the photos. And, your azur speedy looks great with the bandeau.
  13. Cute group pics -- you all look happy to be there.
  14. 2 cute!!
  15. aww.. thats soo cute!!