NYC meet 4/21?

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  1. Saturday, April 21 in Manhattan. Someplace where Bloody Marys and Bellinis in the afternoon won't be looked at askance--maybe Bryant Park. Anyone interested?
  2. I have a bridal shower at 3pm :push:. I have to do LV research, too!!
  3. I'd be interested.
  4. I'd totally be down for that :yes: :heart:
  5. interested I will be shopping that day
  6. Offer still stands. I'm going to see when Bryant Park Grill outdoor bar is open. Does 3pm work for people (other than Janos's bridal shower)? That way it'll be nice and sunny but not so early that we look like big lushes.
  7. ^^^ Works for me.
  8. I'm up for the next one! Have fun and post pictures, if you girls take any!
  9. I just posted on the main board. If I can get more than just the two ladies who have already replied here, we'll be ON!!
  10. [edited]
  11. CANCELED due to lack of interest :sad: