NYC Master Sample Sale Thread

  1. Since it's starting sample sale "season", I've put together a list of the upcoming sample sales over the next two weeks with links to the threads and addresses.

    June 12-Tory Burch (10-7)

    June 13-Tory Burch (10-6)

    June 14-Tory Burch (10-7) Rebecca Minkoff (12-8) Botkier (11-7)

    June 15-Tory Burch (10-6) Rebecca Minkoff (12-8) Botkier (11-7)

    June 16-Botkier (11-7)

    June 17-Botkier (12-6)

    June 18

    June 19-Gustto (10-7)

    June 20-Gustto (10-6)

    June 21-Be&D Gustto (10-6)

    June 22-Be&D Gustto (10-6)

    June 21-Be&D
  2. fantastic idea! oh my wallet will be crying, but it will have many new homes in which to cry!
  3. ^:pso true!