nyc lv stores

  1. besides the 5th ave which has the best selection? macys? bloomies? or Saks?
    i like the SAs at bloomies best but i'm worried their selection is very limited.

    also if anyone has been to any recently and knows who has the new red vernis that would be awesome! thanks!
  2. i just called the 5th ave store about an hour ago and asked about the heart-shaped coin purse. they said it's coming in some time later this month, and i told them to put it on hold for me because i'll be in the city from jan 30 to feb 4 so i'll get it while i'm there

    i like the LV in Saks and Macy's; they have a good selection there
  3. Saks LV has lots of the new red vernis (I was there on Monday). Saks is a bit smaller than Bloomies but they have lots of things hidden away, so if you are there and don't see what you want on display be sure to ask.
  4. hlfinn, not hijacking your post.:flowers:

    Sandra, Thanks for the info, I'm going to NY first week of February. :flowers:
  5. i just hate the saks SAs
  6. ^ Are the SAs at Saks horrible?
  7. i haven't had a single positive experience with them. the bloomies ladies though- omg the BEST
  8. i love the one in soho they are sooo nice there but the one inside macys is horrible i was treated like crap there i will never buy from there again but i would go to the one in soho in a sec!
  9. Or come on up to White Plains and visit the LV store in The Westchester. I've dealt with two different SAs there and they've both been very nice.
  10. Try the one in Soho. The SAs there are very nice, not always in a hurry like the flaghip store.
  11. I'm gonna have to agree with the Soho store as well, as far as outside the city Metro area, I'd go with Manhasset, Long Island - Americana Mall (outdoor). Amazing there!
  12. Bloomingdale's is always understaffed though they are nice. (They have 2-3 SA)...Macy's is often overstaffed...and they are super nice (like 10 SA or more)
  13. i went to bloomies. they are the best. they are my new everything store. they told me that i should only shop there. lol. i agreed. they are the absolute best. i'm going to write about it in a minute.
  14. Macy's out of those three. Bloomies are the nicest. You can also go down to the one in Soho, if you don't mind the schlepp.
  15. Okay, then. Guess I will cancel that trip to NY. And wait til Mother's Day. This way I'll see mom my family and then hit my home turf LV.