NYC LV Party - question

  1. My store has been snubbing me lately and I wondered if anyone had some info on whether a NYC LV party was scheduled yet. TIA.
  2. Anybody?
  3. Hi,

    I haven't gotten word on anything in New York yet either...but then again I usually shop out of the Herald Square LV in Macy's and I don't think they do as many events as the Flagship store. I have bought a couple of items this year at the Flagship..wonder if they will keep me in mind?? hummm
  4. I GOT AN INVITE TODAY!!! i was wondering the same thing, and low and behold it came in the mail today. i still haven't gotten my catalog though? wtf? last year when i was invited my invite just came inside the catalog. my dad got one too, but this year only me. i couldn't go last year, i was upset. and it came in a silver "miroir" envelope thingy.

    i'm planning on attending. it says we're allowed to bring a guest.
  5. bump. i'm going...anyone else get an invite?

    who's been to these? i was invited last year and couldn't go. i was upset. lol.

    oh, please don't mind my signature. hahaha. biggggg issues with certain people reading a very long thread posted in the relationship/family section, so that's why that's there. haha.
  6. i didnt get an invite but i'll be ur guest:p
  7. hmm...interesting. there's got to be someone else on tpf that's going! lol.
  8. I would love to go...especially because I think I spent a lot this year overall on LV, but I don't have a relationship with a SA at the Flagship store. I wish the smaller stores would have events.
  9. I got my invitation yesterday. Diva, I already invited someone to go with me. I had no idea you weren't on the list. Sorry.
  10. ^^^ restricter, have you been to one of these before? what's it like? i'm excited :biggrin:
  11. I was invited to the one in Richmond. I am going. Has anyone been before?
  12. i've been to parties at my regular boutique, where my country home is in westchester NY.
    its alot of fun, lots of eye candy, yummy hor’dourves, champagne
    im thinking of only buying my bags in the city now bc i wonder if the eye candy bags will be even more outrageous in the city?? but my SA is so sweet and wonderful i can't give her up :love:
  13. are there a lot of people invited? i'm assuming there's a list. where do they hold it in the store? out in the open or in a seperate room?
  14. They hold it in the store. If they're doing mini-makeovers and such, it should be on the second floor by the luggage. The waiters are ultra-cute. If a senior LV exec is present, there might be a speech. Otherwise, it's basically lots of champagne, hors d'oeuvres, usually some kind of dessert and lotsa handbags -- which, after a few glasses of champagne, suddenly seem lots more affordable. Some people get really dressed up. I assume these people have something to go to afterwards. I'm coming from work and let's face it, it's a boutique not the Ritz Carlton so I'm going to wear a nice suit. It can be a lot of fun. And expensive. I blame the Moet for at least two purchases.
  15. in a couple days...anyone besides restricter and myself attending?