NYC Lesportsac sample sale???

  1. Just was posted on livejournal:

    NYC Lesportsac Sample Sale
    This Thursday save up 80% off of over 200 styles of LesportSac handbags. Collections include; Classic, Remix, Boutique, Tokidoki collections will be available for purchase. You will be able to find Past & Current ; handbags, wallets, totes, travel bags, garment bags & Lesportsac mini handbags. Ladies, don’t miss out on the fun!!!

    The first sale in over 15 years!!! Over 80,000 treasures to fill your closets and for all your gift needs. The perfect sale to stock up on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, Christmas, Birthdays. There will be a huge selection with over 200 styles at this sale from the current and past collections of the world famous Lesportsac. Handbags, totes, weekenders, garment bags, shaving kits, cosmetic cases, wallets...all of the classics. Prices are 50 to 85 percent off. Small goods retail for $18, now 5 for $35. Tote bags retail for $75, now 3 for $90. Wallets and belt bags retail for $30, now 3 for $36. Travel bags retail for $100, now 3 for $120. Handbags retail $60, now 3 for $72. Mini bags retail $36, now 5 for $63. The Remix Collection with leather trim - handbags retail $100, now 3 for $60 and totes retail $135, now 3 for $80.

    Lesportsac Sale Begins: 5/3/2007
    LeSoritsac Sale Ends: 5/6/2007
    Shopping Times: Thursday & Fri 8am-8pm
    Shopping Times [Con.]: Sat 9am-8pm / Sun 10am-8pm
    Location: Metropolitan Pavilion: 123 West. 18th Street
    (Between. 6th & 7th Ave.)
    4th Floor Gallery
    New York, NY 10011
    Phone: (212) 736-6262 2013
    Accepted Payment Type: CASH/MC/VISA/AMEX/CHECKS Accepted: BRING ID!!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Someone has to go and get us bags!!!
  2. O_o!!!!!!! No Waaaayyy.....
  3. O___o oh god. Too bad I can't buy bags until Transporto, I made a promise.
  4. Sigh if it was on a Sat I'd go. I work weekdays and am 2 hours away from NYC! SUCKS!!! Seems like such a good deal (if they had good toki choices anyway :sad:
  5. Do you think they will charge send? I've never been to a "sample sale". How do they work? :confused1:
  6. oh man one of us needs to scope this sale out n buy bags!!! i wonder what prints theyll have....but you KNOW soooo many bags will end up on eBay because of this oh man...i want one of us to score the good deals!
  7. I know! WE need to sniper for ONCE!
  8. oh man! i wish i could blink and be at NYC for this sale!!! :amuse:
  9. yah no kidding!
  10. I'm seriously tempted to steal my brother's car and drive down. He'd forgive me, right??
  11. and they have stuff like 3 for $80?!? damnit!!!! I want 3 for $80 in Tokidokis!!! Gluttony at it's finest!
  12. I WILL BE THERE! Thursday after work I'm heading right down :nuts: (i know im gonna try to make up some excuse to leave early too lol!)
  13. YIKES! I wanna go!!!:crybaby: If there were any cittas and citta rosas... OMG!
  14. I so wish that this was near me..if anyone goes and can pick up a good inferno stellina & a good adios stellina, I will send money...
  15. wow.. I wished I could be there...If I were there, I would buy lots and post pic and let you guy choose what you want...ohh...nooo........