NYC LAMBS~ Savvy just posted......

  1. Hoodster I thought that was you! I was 7th in line. I didn't know Diana was going to be there, I guess I'll know for next time.

    The only older bag I saw was a jaquard hobo. They didn't have the pricing up when we came in, as I was leaving they were putting up the signs. It was more like an overstock sale like the LA SS was.

    Mireny you were there too?
  2. yes I was in the second group though ..I was glad I didnt have to wait long in line because it was COLD!!! I really didnt "NEED" anything and whatever I get I figure I can get half off on friday!
  3. I'm still in NY, will post pics when I get back to PA.
  4. Can you please pm me the update. I don't have a facebook account so I was unable to get updates on what they are doing for non-New Yorkers.
  5. Can someone PM the update to me, too? For some reason I am not getting Savvy emails...TIA
  6. There isn't any useful info to share. They said their team is working on it and, if plan A doesn't work, they will go with plan B, and that they have set aside 1,000 bags for west coast people. And that we will hear back by 9am Pacific time with more info.
  7. Thanks C Girl! Please keep us posted.
  8. Yes, thanks so much!
  9. $10 key pouches is nice but the other prices don't sound much different from outlet prices with a coupon. Macy's had the leather bags on sale for $220ish and with a coupon they wouldn't be much different than these prices. Off 5th had the Dayglo for $70-$100 on clearance. And wallets $50? I've seen better on eBay and TJ Maxx. Kinda disappointing.
  10. This is what I got:

    Dear LA Lambies -

    We have not forgotten you!

    We REALLY want you to be part of this event! Therefore, we have put a tremendous effort into attempting to launch an online sample sale just for you. We have actually had our techies working on this day and night. We still are unsure of whether the online event will happen due to numerous technical difficulties.

    Be assured that we do have a Plan B and it will go into effect if Plan A (Online Sample Sale Event) is not possible.

    We will have details by tomorrow at 9am PST, so make sure to check your email.

    FYI, we have set aside 1,000 units JUST for LA!

    Many, many, many thanks for your continued faith, support and patience with this undertaking!

    All my very best,
  11. Yeah, that.

    And, um..... Not sure what "techies" they hired, but it should not be this difficult to get a basic online shoppe set-up if these people are "working day and night" for so many days now. Seriously.
  12. I agree. My friend genuinely thought that they were just going to end up saying "Well we tried our best but unfortunately we couldn't do anything."
  13. Dear LA Lambies -

    Thank you so much for your patience!


    We are still working out the details for the online sample sale event. We tried one way that was not successful, but have been advised that there is another way. So our tech staff is working on it as we speak.*

    This online event will be for the styles from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.*

    We will send you an email one hour in advance of the start time to make it fair to everyone.


    You don't have to wait any longer!

    This morning we received a shipment of what you Lambies really want - the older collections. We are giving you first crack at them!


    1) At 9:30 am PST we will be sending you a list of what is available.

    2) This is on a first come first serve basis.

    Thank you for your patience again!

    Fabulous L.A.M.B. arm candy coming your way soon!

    All my very best,
  14. The only thing I wanted was a dripping letter Williamsfield and Rahnon was going to get it for me but she texted me this morning and they didn't have any. I was worried they were going to be popping up on eBay super expensive but since she was first in line, I guess not. If any of you LA lambies hear that bag in one of the 1000 they put aside will someone let me know. Thanks!