NYC Ladies - what bags do you see most?

  1. Since I consider NYC to be the seat of fashion in the states - I was just curious which bags you ladies see most "on the streets"? What styles (and colors) are most prevelant?

  2. Wow - NO nyc ladies on this forum!?
  3. depends on where you are different counties different bags. I was thinking about this last week when I was shopping in Jersey. They range from Coach, BV and LV, to B-Bags.

    I live 20 min. from NYC but hate the parking and crowds. So for me its usually a mall in Short Hills with most of the merchandise you can purchase in the city.
  4. i see a lot of b bags. but a lot of those could also be fake... lots of LV too.
  5. Like I said in the other thread...lots of b-bags.
  6. Hermes I see on the upper eastside all the time when I'm in NYC.
  7. B-bags, LV, Chloe every now and then. I was just in Dean and Deluca in SoHo and saw the worst looking fake speedy. This girl was acting like she was the sh*t. It had feet and everything!! She was staring at my petite noe funny!
  8. Lol NYC might be the fashion capital of the world, but most NYers don't give a flying poo about what another person is wearing. There are no real 'prevalent' bags because there are so many different people with different bags. Perhaps in a small town you'll notice a frequency in one particular bag but its not like that in NYC.
  9. I see a lot of bbags for sure, LV, hermes, fendi.. and I've seen a lot of goyard recently.....
  10. i've spent the last 15 years living in the west village or one stop outside the city in bklyn and there's a geography to bags, I think. Upper east side, lots of hermes and chloe paddingtons. downtown, lately i've seen lots of kooba sienna. marc jacobs is big amongst mid-town working gals, and vuitton is popular with african-american fashionistas. last night at balthazar i saw a bunch of balenciage, new styles and colors
  11. I live outside of NYC, but when I go out to the city, I see tons of balenciagas and LVs (real and fake mixes)
  12. I was in soho today and counted like a million lv's in 10 minutes ;\
  13. LOL and 99% are fakes, probably bought from canal st and Elizabeth centerr haha
  14. I live in Soho and i see a TON of LVs, B-bags, and Fendis. I see a lot of fakes of the aforementioned too and I could just wipe off the smug looks of those carrying fakes. Makes me soo mad.

    I work in Midtown and I've recently spotted a ton of YSL Muses in the area in various shapes and colors. I have yet to see anyone with the Chloe Edith walking around NYC. I also see a TON of Paddys, MJ and Chanel all over.
  15. I live in Hong Kong now but still go back home all the time and I was born and raised in NYC - very much depends on the neighborhood ... downtown I see lots of the more funky trendy designers - marc jacobs and kooba - uptown more established classics ... chanel ...

    midtown - god only knows if they are real or not but lots of lv's everywhere ....

    and on the trains to NJ and LI - COACH!!!