NYC ladies - SSP has NO MORE red soles!

  1. Just came from there. Apparently, they only had a thousand or so that they had on trial from France. Unknown whether they will restock. Darn! I HAVE to resole at least a few of mine, and now I'm stuck carrying a huge bag of shoes around the rest of the day :smile:
  2. That stinks! I was told the same thing the last time I was there, supposedly they are trying to find better quality red soles. But the ones they used to have were pretty decent, I think their version was much better than the ones on eBay.
    Sounds like a good business idea no?
  3. Please post pics of your soles kamilla...I would love to see how they did it
  4. I'm going to check out Arty's tomorrow and will let everyone know how that goes. Thank goodness I just finished an intense due diligence assessment so I get a few days to breathe now... and take care of my shoes!
  5. =\ whats SSP??
  6. nevermind! found a thread... lol