NYC Ladies - BARBIE Loves MAC in stores NOW

  1. I just got back from MAC with my purchase and this line is selling like crazy

    even the dolls are sold out
  2. Oh my daughter is going crazy for this collection
  3. Does anyone know how much the doll costs?
  4. Never mind, I found it, $35.00 I thought they were going to be available 2/13? How do some people get them? Thanks!
  5. The dolls are sold at the store and you had to reserve the doll ......

    The line is going to all stores February 13th or 15th depending on where you live NYC had it first .....
  6. I've been on the list for the doll for about a week...AZ boutiques don't get the Barbie line in until Tuesday the 13. I am planning on being there the secong they open so I can get everything that I want from the line.
  7. Ooh they have a doll? Why have I not seen the picture? Lol.
    I know they're having an event for it at my Nordstroms which I won't be able to make :sad:
  8. oh man. im going to the MAC event this Sunday at South Coast Plaza in CA.
  9. Oh how cute..I just looked up the doll. I'd LOVE to get ahold of one, I'm in love with Barbies like that (I got the D&B one for Christmas and I have the Juicy Couture Barbies, among others).
  10. They are selling on eBay right now, lowest I think was $85. I was very tempted but didin't get one. I know I won't be able to get to the event. The doll is a limited edition from what I understand with only 10,000 being made, I think.
  11. I'm on the waiting list for 2 Barbies...let me know if u need me to get u one, LVbabydoll...I am planning on getting to the MAC boutique early the day it launches :smile:
  12. thanks for the info. i love barbie! i don't use mac, but i'm curious about this barbie line, you're all talking of. i might have to make a trip to the mac boutique next week.
  13. I got many items from the collection during fashion week. They were giving out tubes with 10-12 items. Gorgeous bright colors. Maybe a little too much for me, but the Barbie silhouettes on the eyeshadows are so cute!
  14. The models on wearing the line look so cool. I would like to get some of the stuff, but i don't want to look like Barbie that bad.