NYC Hermes Windows

  1. They changed the windows again and thought I would share them with you:
  2. Thanks HG!!! Wish I could actually be standing there in person!!! Thank you for posting!!
  3. I love that you're posting NYC photos. Thanks.

    Maybe I'll try to get some photos from the store here.
  4. wish i could ogle these up close, too. thanks, HG!
  5. Thanks HG^^ Their RTW is actually growing on me.
  6. Thanks HG...that is something I never get to see near me! It is a real treat.
  7. Hmmm, that's a good idea for a new thread: Hermes Windows from around the world.

    Folks, what do you think?
  8. Would love that! What a great thread!!!
  9. YES!!!!!! I'd LOVE it!!!!! Please!!!
  10. Thanks HG! Love all your photos!
  11. So whoever posts the next batch of window pictures can start the new thread.
  12. DH will know I'm officially over the edge when I tell him I want to make a trip to Hermes to take photos of the windows! I think we need a smilie with a camera!
  13. very nice.. Thanks HG
  14. YAAY!!! What a great idea.! I'll be checking in often for this one!!!
    BTW, GT do you know how often the displays get changed?
    Who does the window displays in NYC? ( or anywhere for that matter?)
    Can't wait to see more!
  15. Sorry, I meant HG ( I got so excited I lost control there for a minute!)
    Hmm...I wonder if I can download the window display for my desktop?!*?!*