NYC Gustto Sample Sale

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  1. Just out of curiousity, why are these bags sold for so cheap? Thanks!
  2. I guess they are floor sample,i just bought a big brown baca bag from the clothsline sample sale today,it is 325 plus tax so around 345.I love the leather,by the way,no dust bag,and the bag is made in mexico.But I love it.
  3. Where Is This Sale For Gustto Handbags Being Held????
  4. I need that big vintage brown baca bag
  5. does anyone know if they changed the color option for the brown from vintage brown to cognac?
  6. Gustto bags are really great! I got the setela bag and love it. I actually didn't know they were made in Mexico. I thought they were made in Italy.
  7. It's on 36st between 7th and 8th avenue--sale ended on Wednesday though...
  8. there will be another sale starting monday that includes gustto bags as well. check the website,