NYC girls???

  1. Hey girls! Where do you think the trends are going for winter in our amazing city? How many of us are here?? ;) Personally I think things are going to move towards more constructed bags soon...but maybe not for a while.
  2. Hey Hilary...I agree that it is time for the structured bag to return and take the city by storm!!!
    Personally I am looking forward to splurging on an "Elisa tote" from this company called ro that I've bought a bunch of stuff from.
    I saw this bag at Peter Hermann downtown and fell in love!!! HAve you ever been to that store? It's closet sized but they have great taste in bags!
    Good luck on your search for the perfect NYC bag!
  3. Everytime I come into the city, it's Birkins, Birkins, and more Birkins.....

    .....and I love it!
  4. After the popularity of the Kooba sample sale this past week, my prediction is Kooba- midtown is already flooded with them.
  5. I saw today
    - 2 black epi jasmine's
    -one red epi bag
    -blue epi
    -CLassic chanel flap
    ,and some other LV bags...

    I think its epi this year!
  6. I think Marc Jacobs will continue to rule the downtown scene (but not the really really downtown hipsters). I don't think the Stam is going anywhere. (I say this even though I don't care for the Stam!)

    Uptown it will continue to be about Hermes, but with some Goyard (structured), Bottega (ornately embellished), and Lanvin mixed in.

    I didn't really pay attention to the spring 2007 bags but for the NY runways, it was all about femininity: light colors, rosettes, dresses. I'd expect handbags to be ladylike too (maybe dainty structured purses)?