NYC Girls where do you go get nails done at


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Sep 16, 2007
I will be in the city the later part of this week and wondered where is a nice but "reasonable" place to get your nails done ( my prefered area would be west village and soho). your help is very much appreciated


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Oct 10, 2006
I second Dashing Diva in the Village. I believe Thursday and/or Friday they have Happy Hour and serve Cosmos (it's been years since I've been though). Check out their site and book an appointment.
Oct 16, 2007
I like Dashing Diva (I've only been to the location on Madison, though) a lot - it's a little more expensive than your regular street salon, but I like the atmosphere. Keep in mind that a 'fancy' pedicure can run 80-100 and the basic pedicure there is 35 or so - the next 'step' up is probably 45. I went there the day after the bar exam last July and got an elle woods pedicure that was really fun. Usually, I just get the $45 one and it's great. I have heard good things about all of the other locations from friends. They also give you disposable tools, which is really nice for the clean factor. You can also do walk ins there but for a busy time of day I'd make an appt.

There are tons of places in soho to go. On my boyfriend's street alone there are several of the $12 mani places.


Mar 12, 2007
I go to Salon de Oasis in West Village, on Christopher St a little west of Bleecker. $37 mani/pedi + extra like razor, extra massage, etc.. The people are so nice, the place is spotless, and no lie, my mani doesn't chip for 2.5 WEEKS!