NYC Gets GAP RED Roxanne

  1. Thank you for this info. I love RED products. However, I just clicked on your link and saw the bag...and unfortunately...I DID NOT LOVE IT! in sweatshirt fabric!

    What about your other Mulberry gals? Do we likey?
    Did they do this in Britain too, before?
  2. We had it here in London, I'm not sure if it was sold outside the capital though. They all got snapped up really quickly and a lot of them ended up on eBay.

    I really don't love it either! :nogood:
  3. There is a very long thread on this if you use the search function.
  4. I can just see the fabric beading where it rubs against your clothing, as sweatshirts do. It's not waterproof and my gosh, the cat hair would stick to it like glue!

    Not my thing either but I thot I'd pass the info on.
  5. yuck!
    Sorry, but for me Mulberry means wonderful leather.
    I turn my nose up at the denim, vinyl and fleece (fleece!!! wtf???)

    I know it is for a good cause, but why a limited number in one store only?
  6. Not my thing, either, although I could see the High Schools girls liking it.
  7. If they've got to make a cheap charity gimicky bag why not make it out of a more practical material like laminated canvas???
  8. Or PVC.....oh no wait, if it were made out of PVC it would cost nearly 400 quid :rolleyes:
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Goldfinch - love your cat!!!!
  10. Thanks Kroquet! He's called Monty and he's a very precious cat indeed :love: He's just been diagnosed with diabetes, bless him.