NYC gals help!!

  1. Hello :smile: I'm going to be visiting NYV in about a month and was wondering where you would suggest the best places to go for an MJ or mbyMJ bag on sale?I know NYC has every major shopping place available including MJ stores and while I'm not looking for any particular style I would like to know which places to try and find one at the best deal..Hope I'm not rambling but wasnt sure if the MJ store or dept stores would be better. I am interested in a multipocket, blake, sophia or stella perhaps in a brown color but open to other colors as well.. and as much as I like these styles, do they even make stellas or sophias anymore? thanks for any help cecelia
  2. You should try to hit the Nordstrom Rack, or swing by Woodbury Commons for some good outlet shopping. There will be an Off 5th and and Neiman Marcus Last Call there, along with tons of other designer outlets like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, etc. Not sure if Century 21 carries MJ bags, but I hear they carry designer goods for cheap too.
  3. century 21 sometimes carries mbmj bags.. but usually not amazing ones.
  4. Hopefully there will be some sales going on then... I think maybe another round of sales starts up in May or June...:shrugs:

    Definitely check out all the major dept stores (Bloomingdales, Saks, BG) just in case a sale is happening.

    Also, I have seen some older MJ bags at Burlington Coat Factory believe it or not... it's on 6th Ave (I think) in Chelsea, though I cannot think of the exact address, you could look it up. When I've seen them they have been in the glass case, away from the other handbags.

    Have a fun trip, and check in with us again right before you leave and maybe we can tell you if we've spotted any sales!:heart:
  5. OH, and to Thithi's point about Woodbury Commons... great idea! You can take a bus there from the Port Authority. It's a fun shopping day trip.

    I was there a couple of weeks ago and Saks Off Fifth had some Marc Jacobs bags. They usually do, and the prices are great.
  6. thanks all for your great ideas :smile:
  7. Maybe I missed this but where can you find Marc Jacobs at Woodbury Commons? I'm going there in 3 weeks and didn't think about checking there...

    Hoping that mid-September Century 21 will have some nice MBMJ finds...I am going to both the Manhattan and Brooklyn location then so wish me luck!
  8. mj doesn't have an outlet, but the neiman marcus last call and saks off fifth has a decent selection of discount mj bags. barney's warehouse has the best stock of mbmj clothing. woodbury commons is filled with fantastic deals. you just have to have the patience and time to do a lot of digging. have a great time!
  9. my best MJ deals have definitely been outside of the city