NYC Framer recommendation for Hermes scarves?


Jul 10, 2006
Hello! We have just moved into a new apartment & my husband (surprisingly!) agreed that a framed Hermes scarf would be great above our bed. I am unable to "part" with any of my current Hermes scarves and frame them, so I am purchasing one specifically for framing purposes.

However, I am terrified to turn it over to just any framer. Can anyone in NYC recommend a framer that they have used for framing scarves? I would be incredibly appreciative for any information!

PS - I did ask at the Madison Ave boutique & they had no recommendations. They only directed me to the scarf mounting hardware they now sell, but I don't like how that pulls each corner of the scarf....

Thank you very much!


Shopping's my cardio
Mar 23, 2009
I'm about a half hour north of the city and have a framer who is phenomenal. He's done some very difficult work for me, including framing a 250 year old historical newpaper that was crumbling. His work is impeccable. If you can't find anyone in the city then PM me I'll give you his info.