Nyc for the summer!!!

  1. How exciting!!!! I love NYC.
  2. Congrats Megs on getting the job! I hope you and Vlad have a wonderful summer in New York! Doesn't Jill live close to NY? Oh my gosh the ladies on east coast will be so lucky to meet you guys if the meeting takes place!
  3. Congrats Megs! New York will be fun!!!
  4. Megs ~ How Exciting......There's Nothing Like NYC!!! I Can't Wait To Hear More! :smile:
  5. Harlem_Cutie ~ That Is A Fabulous List.....I Going To Read It Through A Little Later....I Just Saw @ The Earth, Wind & Fire On Jones Beach 7/20.....Too Cool!!! :smile:
  6. 0o0o0o i hope you travel safe to NY, Megs and have lots of fun!!!
  7. [​IMG] Yeah !!!! :heart:
  8. Congrats! How exciting!
  9. enjoy your summer in NYC!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Wow Megs, congrats!
  11. Congrats on your new job!

    Hopefully we can meet you soon!
  12. Oh man!! And I just moved to Ohio!!!
  13. ^^ Where in Ohio??

    Harlem Cutie- That is an AWESOME post!!! Thanks for all the amazing info!!!!
  14. woo hoo! OMG..I hope we all get to meet up..I am in NJ..not far...that would be so awesome!!!
    Congrats on the job!