NYC for New Year's - any suggestions?

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  1. The bf and I will be NYC for new year's because he has some bschool event the next week. Does anyone have any suggestions for our new year's eve dinner? We love to wine & dine :smile:. TIA!
  2. I suggest making reservations ASAP, especially if you want to take advantage of a dinner and dancing special! As far as where to go, the Zagat guide and City Guides by Citysearch are great. NYC Restaurants, NYC menus, ratings, reviews, New York City Restaurants Guide is also a good source, as is Time Out NY.
  3. if we were in LA we'd probably go somewhere like Nobu or Yamashiro for NYE. Are there restaurants like that that we would like?
  4. You could go to Nobu.... There are a couple in NY....
  5. Try Masa (most likely booked out though) if you want a real splurge.... In the Time Warner building.
  6. Magu, Kai, Ono, Koi, Matsuri
  7. thanks, sonya :smile:. i will call tomorrow. I think I'd rather stay away from Nobu since we can go to that in California :smile:.