NYC February meetup?

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  1. So, ladies, not to jump the gun on this weekend's Chinatown meetup (which I have to miss :crybaby: but I hope everyone has fun)...I'm just planning ahead...

    Cinderlala is going to be in town Valentine's Day weekend, and she and elle tee and I are planning to get together on the 15th--anyone else want to join us? (Cinderlala, I figured you wouldn't mind if I just started a thread for this--you know we all love to see you! and if your plans change for whatever reason, no worries.)
  2. I am so bummed about missing this weekend's Chinatown meetup, but now I am so happy that I get to see Cinderlala and Capulet!!!
    What do we want to do? Lunch? Brunch? Tea? I'm open!
  3. OOH! I want to see Cinderlala! (and elletee and capulet, of course!)

    I honestly don't know what my schedule is like these days. But maybe I'll be able to get a better handle on the semester as it progresses. Put me in as a tentative?
  4. [Sorry for the delayed response----we've just returned from sunny Southern California.]

    I'm soooo looking forward to it, girls!!!:yahoo:

    I'm always up for tea, but would be happy to meet for lunch, brunch, or whatever.
  5. My schedule seems ok now. So I'm in.
  6. The 15th is a Sunday! I'm in!
    Elle Tee - I may finally get to meet you IRL!
  7. Argh! That's the start of my kids mid winter recess, and we are supposed to have a mini getaway!

    Have fun ladies!
  8. Oh if only, I'll be thinking of you, have fun.
  9. I would like to join in if I may, please.
  10. I hope so! That would be great!! :heart:
  11. Yay!!

    So far we have:

    -Elle Tee
    -Blue Genes (tentative)
    -Plum Blossom
    -Hermes Nuttynut

    I hope I didn't miss anyone!
  12. Anyone have thoughts on where we should go?
  13. I would really like to go to afternoon tea.

    Although, I would be open to anything that appeals to everyone else.:yes:
  14. We'll miss you Kelly32!!
  15. If lunch - could I suggest a Kosher restaurant? The veggie place in Chinatown was great - but there are places all over the city we could chose from