NYC Fashion Week ??? advice???

  1. Whose going? Last year I didn't know what to do - so we pretty much hung out around Bryant Park waiting for something to happen.

    For someone who ISN'T going to be invited inside anywhere. What is my best bet to see some action? Comings and Goings. I'd really love to see Victoria Beckham. Where are the big events that a-listers will be walking a red carpet that I might get a peek at.

    I want to bring photos back to tPF to share. :yahoo:

    Any ideas ladies?
  2. A lot of the time the photo ops are inside. Sometimes celebs do pause outside the texts for a quick shot. Celebrities come and go all day. The biggest shows probably won't even be at the tents. Marc Jacobs will have the biggest draw. Diane von Furstenberg will able be incredibly popular (given that she is the CFDA President). Evening shows tend to be more "glamorous." Heatherette will draw the craziest crowd.

    If you remind me (like on September 5), I can tell you on the same day if Victoria Beckman is scheduled to be any of the shows at the tents. I'm not going this year (personal choice, though I hate not being there when it's going on, but it's really not as glam and fun as it seems) but I get info from the publicists.