Nyc fall sample sale starts nov 17

  1. ^^me too!!!
    do we have to rsvp? I don't see anything that says so.
  2. So excited that M&V are co-hosting this one. :love:
  3. Yay, got the email as well! Would love to know how to RSVP - or do we just print out the email and bring it as proof?
  4. Do we have to RSVP? It's not necessary right? I don't think they check names at the door or anything.
  5. ^they never check at the door- even when we used to have to rsvp.
  6. So jealous! These are the times I wish I lived in NYC.....REBECCA, COME TO SEATTLE :tup:
  7. So excited!!!
  8. Who wants to be my personal shopper? Haha. Nah, I hope all you ladies have fun and takes lots of pics!
  9. ^^ I wish you were able to come on tpf night Bay.
  10. That makes it even more special.:tup: You ladies are going to have a blast!
  11. Me2 hun, me2..No N.Y for me this time around :sad:
  12. Just read this on Daily Candy... a little sneak peek of what will be there! :smile:

    What: Rebecca Minkoff
    Why: Python Morning After clutch is $162 (reg. $295), black Main Squeeze bag is $272 (reg. $495), splatter-print tote is $85 (reg. $155).
    When: Nov. 17-21. Wed.-Sat., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Where: 93 Mercer St., b/t Broome & Spring Sts. (212-677-7829).
  13. I want a darling.
  14. I want everything!