Nyc fall sample sale starts nov 17

  1. I won't make it on Tuesday night if there is a VIP night... have to work. However, I will be there on Wednesday!
  2. I will most definitely be there on the first night!! Hopefully there will be a TPF night, except I hope to not spend as much as I did last time.. I spent $1k on the first night.. EEK! :shame:
  3. She alway picks weeks I can't go argh but online should have some stuff too!
  4. Well tpf night on the 16th is pretty much confirmed..that's the only night I would want to go but can't :sad:
  5. There def is tPF night :party:. Vlad and I will be there too!
  6. I've been to RM sample sales before, but never heard of tPF night! I'm intrigued! How do they know if you're a member???

    Can't wait to check this one out! :smile:
  7. That's GREAT news that tpf night is confirmed! My suitemate and I will defnitely be there!

    I can't wait to meet you in person Megs & Vlad!!
  8. i am soooo there tpf night!!
  9. When is the LA one??
  10. The LA one will probably be sometime in Dec...

    I hope you NYC ladies take lots of pics!
  11. OH XLANA!!! I have my shopping list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. you just have to rsvp - they will attach the email address.
  13. i literally cannot explain how incredibly jealous i am. i would die to go to a sample sale. probably better for my wallet that i dont live in nyc. cant wait until pictures are posted and i can live vicariously through all of you ladies!! :smile:
  14. Do you know when they will do this?