NYC dog boarding?

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  1. I just found out that my FH and I have to go to my hometown for our wedding (to meet with our priest, etc). We're going to be gone April 14-17 (Easter weekend) and need to find a good dog-sitter. We're in Brooklyn, but would be open to anywhere in Manhattan of course. Does anyone have any experience with a particular boarder or service in the city? These puppies are our babies, but we can't take them with us (we took one for Christmas, as we didn't have the other yet, but it was a fiasco!!). Help!!:sad2:
  2. Hi Sanguar,

    We had to board our dog for 3 weeks, It was expensive, but worth it Nicky was so happy and well taken care of. I will PM you with the info.
  3. Along the same lines, pradameadow does your place do grooming as well? baby needs to have her nails clipped (she won't let us do it....she's so afraid) and a good hair cut but she's really afraid of stranger so she tends to attack so i need a place that's really good with dogs....also....i've been afraid to take her anywhere cuz i'm afraid she'll catch doggie germs and the places will be unsanitary.....anybody know of a good place i can take her?

    oh and there such a thing as doggie day care centers where i can drop her off for say a few hours while i go out to lunch or something?
  4. Hey JC,

    We have a great groomer that we use, I will PM you also.

  5. Biscuits and Bath has a doggie day care, as does Happy Paws.
  6. Hi Sanguar,
    Last time we used and they did a great job with our two puppies.