NYC Dates - please vote


NYC Dates

  1. Weekend of 7th-8th

  2. Weekend of 14th-15th

  3. Weekend of 21st-22nd

  4. Weekend of 28th-29th

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  1. OK, here's a poll - which weekend would you like to visit NY for the big April tPF Hermes meeting?
  2. What month?
  3. April - we decided April in the April thread!
  4. Ah, sorry! :blush: You even mentioned it in your post!! Blame it on late night reading by the glow of the laptop ...

  5. I pick choice F, 34th-38th.
  6. Oh! No need to apologise!...........:heart:
  7. :rolleyes: :roflmfao:
  8. E) All Of The Above
  9. b,...nothing in my far!
  10. I voted for the 28th, because my birthday is in verry early May and so I could really have some fun in late April, :nuts: !!~!
  11. i definitely can't do end of April, have tons of deals to close at the end of the month.
  12. All of the above!

    Actually, I can be "on call"....I just need to know a month or two ahead of time and I am SO there!!!!!!
  13. bump...
  14. *bump* HG is at you beck and call for any of these days.
  15. HG is my beck and call-girl.