NYC Customs 1....Stinkerbelle 0

  1. Well guys, my resolve is waning. It is now Day 8 of the Jimmy Choo Burgundy Riki Crisis. My shipment is still on hold. I emailed DHL again this morning to see what the problem is and if they can give me an estimate as to when it will be released from Customs. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.

    I think I'm going to give it 2 more business days plus this weekend to be resolved. If when I check the status of the shipment on Tuesday morning it still hasn't changed.....I may do the unthinkable. I may email JC and request a refund and let them try and sort it all out to get their bag back. :sad:

    As much as I LOVE this bag, the waiting without knowing what is going on is getting stressful. It's taking up way too much of my time constantly checking to see if there's been a change, getting my hopes up that it may FINALLY be on it's way only to see that more than a week later I'm no farther ahead than I was a week ago.

    I'm not a patient gal so this is probably the most patient I have ever been about anything in my life!

    In the end, as beautiful as it is, it's just a handbag that is now doing the exact opposite of what it's supposed to be doing. Instead of bringing me pleasure, it's causing me to lose way too much sleep!

    Has there been any change on the status of your bag RobynBenz? Is it still stuck in NYC or is it on it's way to you?

    I'm so frustrated over this whole thing and I just don't know how much longer I should realistically wait.

    What would you guys do????

    Thanks for letting me vent. You have no idea how much I wanted this bag.....well, I'm sure you do. But you know what I mean.
  2. Hang in there Stinkerb!! :tup: Keep the faith! I'm yet rooting for ya!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  3. I'd keep screaming and bugging They gave me a $50. credit for a problem I had several months ago. I know it is not their problem, but hey you can't tell me this is the first time this has happened! I really think they should put something in their e-mails to advise of this possibility.
    Then when I got the bag, cause you know you still want it, I'd take lots of pics for all us tPF'ers who are waiting with baited breath to see when you get it!
    Hang in there...:nuts::heart::cursing:
  4. vewy, vewy, quiet. But my bag......has ESCAPED the bagnappers!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself here, but the tracking info. has just been changed to "Clearance Processing Complete". I am choosing to believe that within hours it will be on a truck on it's way to CT. But with my luck it may mean it's now going to be deported back to England! :p

    I think my really cranky email to DHL this morning may have had something to do with it, or it could just be a coincidence, but either way at least something is finally happening! :smile:

    I'll keep you posted, but thanks everyone for listening to my ranting, my whining, and my desperation as this saga dragged on.

    RobynBenz, let me know how things are going on your end with your bag....I hope she made it out with mine.

    Thanks again everyone for all your well wishes, good karma, and genuine really helped! :tup:
  5. :wlae:

  6. :yahoo::party:
    I sure hope your beloved bag shows up tomorrow:tup: That is wonderful news and I will keep my fingers & toes crossed. I myself have determined that my bag is buried in some hole, never to be seen again. I have contacted DHL twice, Jimmy Choo twice and my bag is still sitting in NY for the 3rd day with no activity or update. I am not sure what to think anymore, but the nice gentleman @ JC customer service said someone would call me tomorrow or Sunday with information:crybaby:
    I am happy that if one bag was cleared, that it is yours. I have my beloved Choos and hopefully some day I will have my Rock. You know the funny thing is I could have gone and caught a bunch of watersnakes and made my own bag quicker than I will receive this bag. (I actually assisted skinning a rattle snake back in 1988, so I know how to do it if I have to)
    Keep us posted and I am so happy to hear you may have an END IN SIGHT!
  7. Well, if there's one thing I've learned in all of this, it's don't lose hope! First of all, we're talking about a gov't agency....'nuff said. Not the speediest bunch on the planet. Your bag has only been in NY for 3 days. My bag was just getting comfortable after 3 days!

    The tracking is still saying the clearance process is complete, but it's a start! Hopefully it will be on a truck soon. But until the bag is in my hands, I won't believe it till I see it.

    I don't believe my bag would have left yours behind.....I think it was an all for one, one for all sort of mission. They either got out together, or they're going to stay in together! ;)

    That is so funny that you could have made a bag yourself! Why didn't you say so WEEKS ago!! You could have saved us a ton of aggravation! :sweatdrop:

    I'll keep you posted, and do let us know what you find out from JC....hopefully they can expedite the process of your bag through NY. :tup:
  8. Stinkerbelle I hope you get your baby soon !!!!

    Hopefully customs doesnt bill you after you get your bag
  9. This is getting to be quite a saga. The case of the missing Choos...I can't believe you still don't have them. I've been tuning in everyday to see if they have arrived, expecting pictures and balloons.
    I'm right there with you Stinkerbelle...when I order something I want it yesterday, no excuses! My DH says I turn into a different person.
    We are going to Six Flags tomorrow so I sill tune in Sunday to catch up. Keep your chins up girls!;)
  10. quote Scooby Doo....ruh roh! :wtf:

    What ARE you talking about? I swear to God, I SO pity the fool who has the audacity to bring that bag to my door over a week late and then tell me I owe them MORE money???

    I WILL be on the 11:00 PM. news! And I will name names....OK, I don't really have very many names....or any, but I won't go down alone! :cursing:

    Pay more money my dyin' a$$....
  11. I swear, I now know where the phrase "the patience of a Saint" came from!

    The latest....the tracking info. now says "Processed at DHL facility". This is hours after "Clearance processing complete".

    What's next?? "We are putting the box in the back of the truck", followed by "We are closing the truck doors", "We are now merging onto I-95 headed North", "Uh, Joe, the driver, has to stop for a bathroom break".....:nogood:

    Just tell me when you're in my freaking driveway! :wlae:
  12. Well I was in the Handbags forum. And some of the girl that order bags from outside the US they were waiting to received their bags sonce they were in customs (like yours and Robyns) for a few days and after a week of getting their bags they got a bill on the mail from customs, not sure what the bill is for, I think they charge you a % of the value of the item, (NOT SURE)....... but hopefully you wont get one..
    Let me see if I can find the forum.
  13. Wow. Thank you for the info.....I had no idea!

    Has anyone else who ordered from JC online ever gotten a custom's bill? That would be very distressing to say the least. I will definitely complain to JC if it happens to me.

    I'm going to check out the web site, but if there is nothng there about additional custom's fees, I'm going to assume that the $35 I paid for shipping covered everything.

    What a bother. On the bright side my bag has now officially left NYC and is on it's way to CT. I'm hoping to receive it on Monday and put this whole mess behind me!! :wlae:
  14. Stinkerbelle, I would not worry about another bill. I have ordered from the JC web site before and had no problems with customs or bills. I am pretty sure the biggest problem with our orders was because of the watersnake. I worked with the ITAR for several years and there are so MANY crazy rules and reg. that because it was noted Fish/Wildlife, it was flagged and DHL's compliance officer didn't know how to handle it. If you notice the DDP at the end of the Fish/Wildlife notation it means destination duties paid:tup: We should be fine other than the whole delay and headache due to the delay.:cursing:
    I am so excited your bag has started moving out of the state of NY. Maybe our girls decided to visit their relatives in Manhattan:drinkup: and wanted to blame it on customs. Be sure to let us know when she knocks on your door:happydance: